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student housing?
why rcp?
acquisitions & operations
investment structuring
target investments
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Realizing value through seamless asset origination, development, operations, management and disposition.

why student housing?

Structural gaps in the student housing marketplace create a compelling investment opportunity for a seasoned investor.

The marketplace for off-campus student housing is highly fragmented, making it ripe for an experienced, well-networked and well-respected investor to identify and create value. While large in scale, it is relatively inefficient, with most properties owned by regional operators and other small investors.  

At the same time, the number of students (both domestic and international) attending large public universities in the U.S. is growing rapidly, as is their demand for modern housing. Unfortunately, this contrasts sharply with the availability of such facilities.

Western Carolina University
why rcp?

Extensive experience,
proven execution.

RCP has invested exclusively in student housing opportunities since 2009. It has developed the specialized knowledge required to identify and capitalize on investment opportunities. It has identified and developed a deep network of key players in target geographies to create a multibillion-dollar pipeline as well as a reputation as a trusted partner, further enhancing access to top quality deals.

University of North Carolina - Wilmington
acquisitions & operations

An investment process refined over time.

RCP utilizes a rigorous approach to underwriting deals. It has a successful track record of originating a broad range of deals, securing long-term financing with the nation’s premier lenders, executing on extensive renovation and improvement projects as well as applying best practices in property management.

University of South Florida
investment structuring

A more efficient

RCP’s focus has always been on value creation and performance. It achieves this through an ability to invest directly in deals, thereby reducing costs and aligning interests of all constituents, from principals and employees to residents and investors.

University of South Florida
target investments

Student housing properties proximal to public universities.

Off-campus properties located within one mile of US public universities with a minimum enrollment of 7,000 undergraduates
Properties built after 2000
100-300 apartment units/ 400-1,000 beds per property
Middle market deals ranging from $20-50mm
Assets underperforming due to issues solvable by RCP management/ operation experts
Ample liquidity and potential for exit
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